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About CANEX Products
The company “CANEX Window Scantling” produces and exports high quality glued laminated products for using in construction and for windows and doors manufacturing industry. Mainly window scantling, finger jointed boards.
The major part of our produce is already being exported to different EU countries, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, etc.
Window & Doors Scantlings
CANEX produce window and door scantlings by your requirements. Our main scantlings is 3 layer Oak, Okoume, Larch and Pine window and door scantlings. It is can be do with DIN EN204 D4 glue, and type DKD,DDD,DKK and KKK. Quality can be A/B, B/C and C/C, and well sanded. The size is 72 / 63 x 86 / 95 / 120mm or other your sizes. The length is 700 - 6000mm.
Finger Jointed Board

The finger jointed board are usually Oak, fir, sprure, pine, Camphor and paulownia. They are suitable for high,middle,low grade furniture, art ,craft and decoration. Main products are Oak finger jointed boards, Fir finger jointed boards, Sprure finger jointed boards, Pine finger jointed boards, Larch finger jointed boards,Carmphor finger jointed boards, Paulownia finger jointed boards, white Oak finger jointed boards.

Sawn Timber & Logs
CANEX Material Department import good material all over world and sale timber and logs in domestic market. We import White Birch Larch and Pine logs from Russia, and import Maple, Cherry, Alder, Hickory, Red and White Oak, Black Walnut, Mahogany logs from US, and import Beech and Walnut from Europe, and import Okoume, Sapele, Bintangor and some red hardwood Logs from Africa, import Teak from Burma.

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